Lockit for Windows 8

A safe and secure way to store your personal data. Only $1.49 on the Windows Store.

Available on Windows 8


Random Number Generator (RNG) Labs is an application developer currently focusing on Windows 8, iOS and android.

Our Mission

At RNG Labs our mission is to create great applications that you can use every day.


Our design language is to make things simple without sacrificing features and usability. Our philosophy is "The more complex a user interface the less likely a user will continue to use an application."


Our applications are priced right, only costing you a cup of coffee or two.


Our current available applications.

Lockit for Windows 8

Lockit is a secure and simple way to store your passwords and secret information. It uses strong cryptography to keep your data secure and keep unwanted hackers out.

Try it today and never forget a password again.

Lockit For Windows 8


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