Importing Your Data

Lockit allows your to import your data from several popular password managers. Below are the steps you need to take to import your data.


From the eWallet desktop app, go to File->Save As->Text File. Import the file in LockIt and the contents of the text file will be in the "Notes" category in an item named "eWallet Data".


Click on your LastPass browser plugin icon and select Tools->Export To->LastPass CSV File. Import the file in LockIt and all your web passwords will be under the "Web Password" category, all your notes will be located in the "Notes" category.


In KeePass select File->Export and select KeePass CSV (1.x). In LockIt import this file and all your information should be imported under the "Web Passwords" category.


Open 1Password and select File->Export. When it prompts you to select the format, choose "Comma-Delimited Text" and then click "OK". In LockIt import this file and all your information should be imported under the "Web Passwords" category.

Deleting Multiple Items

Right clicking or swiping to the right will allow you to select multiple items. An item is selected when it is bright orange and you can deselect an item by right clicking or swiping a second time. Once you have chosen the items you would like to remove, tap the "Remove" button on the bottom app-bar.

Auto-Copy Fields

Auto-copy allows you to copy one field (i.e. Username, password, e-mail etc...) immediately after you have selected an item. To setup auto-copy, go the Settings->Auto-Copy Fields, then from each of the dropdown boxes select which field you would like to copy from each category. Auto-copy is set to not copy anything by default.

In App Browser

The in app browser allows you to browse the web from within Lockit. It is only available in the Web Passwords category. By default the browser will automatically fill in your username and password for the selected item. To activate the browser, the selected item must have the URL field filled in, if it’s not you will not see the browser appear on the far right side. Once you have filled in the URL field the browser should appear on the far right side, if you tap on it, it will expand across the app allowing you to browse the webpage. You can disable Auto password fill or even the entire browser by going to Settings->In App Browser.

Resetting Database

Resetting the application database will completely erase all your data. This is not recommended however this may be useful if you have forgotten your Lockit password or imported the wrong data and would like to start fresh. To reset the database go to Settings->Delete Database and follow the instructions.

Save & Load Backups

Saving a backup is highly recommended as if anything happens to your copy of Lockit, you can always be sure that you can restore back to a good state. Backup files are encrypted with AES 256 to ensure that no one can access the data even if the file is stolen. To save a backup go to Settings->Save Backup and select the location of your choice where to save the file. Loading a backup is similar, go to Settings->Load Backup, select your backup file and you will be prompted to input your password.

Export to CSV

Exporting to CSV allows you to have a human readable copy of your data. CSV stands for comma separated values, it is exactly what it sounds like a set of values separated by commas. A common method of viewing CSV files is using Microsoft’s Excel or you can view them in any text editor. Be aware that when exporting to CSV that the file is not encrypted, so please keep the file in a safe and secure place. To export to CSV go to Settings->Export and select the location where you would like to save the file.

Hide Passwords

You can hide your passwords by going to Settings and turning “Hide Passwords” on. When your password is hidden you are still able to click on it to copy, it will just have each character represented by a star. After enabling hidden passwords you may have to exit back to the Categories page and re-enter the category to see the change take place.


Lockit by default will automatically lock after 2 minutes of inactivity, forcing you to re-enter your password to access your data again. This feature can be disabled by going to Settings and turning off the setting “Automatically Logout after 2 minutes”. It is recommended that you keep this setting on in case someone has access to your device while the application is open.

Forgot My Password

Unfortunetly Lockit does not contain any backdoors or workarounds to recover a forgotten master password as this would create a security vulnerability. In the case you have forgot your password, you will need to delete the database and start over. To do this perform the following steps:  Warning: If you do this all your data will be deleted. 
  • 1. Open Lockit
  • 2. Go to Settings and select "Delete Database". *
  • 3. To confirm deletion, type "YES" in all caps into the textbox and click the confirm button.
  • 4. Lockit will then ask you to create a new a new master password.
  * To access settings you will have to open Lockit and then either press Windows Key + C, to bring up the charms bar and click "Settings" OR you can swipe in your finger from the right and then click "Settings".

Application crashes in Windows 8.1

It has come to my attention that this bug is a Windows 8.1 bug and not a bug with this App. I spoke to someone from Microsoft and they said they are actively working on a fix. Please keep your computer updated using Windows Update to make sure you have the latest updates. . Some users have been reporting that the application has been crashing when trying to access the "Web Passwords" category and editing or creating a new entry. We are still trying to figure out why this is occuring but we need more information from you. If you could please send an e-mail to when this error occurs and provide the following information:
  • 1. Describe which version of Windows 8.1 you have ( pre-release, standard, pro, enterprise, etc...)
  • 2. If you see this error constantly
  • 3. Try disabling the Web Browser by going to Settings->In App Browser->Disable Browser and let us know if the error persists.
  • 4. Perform a backup of your data, uninstall the app and then re-download from the Windows Store. After re-downloading, reload your backup file and inform us if the error continues.